Tips and Faq

When movers arrive, do a walk-through with the lead guy first. Point out to things that you want the movers to pay an extra attention. The boxes will be loaded first, then the furniture. Boxes with fragile contents should be marked as such and possibly stocked separately. Please pack and move separately all the important stuff (laptops, cameras, jewelry, passports, cash, etc. ). Otherwise notify our foreman about such contents to make sure it’s loaded at last and unloaded at first. Upon arrival to your new house, guys will unload and place the furniture and boxes into appropriate rooms. Don’t forget to check your moving truck, just to make sure everything is out. ( lots of times the movers forget things like picture frames, mirrors, glass tops, which they often pack between boxes, making it hard to see and easy to forget). If you are preparing for a long-distance move, check out 11 Long-Distance Moving Tips You Need to Know.

Questions and Answers

Q. My current building and the new building require certificates of insurance before the move. Can you provide this, and is there any additional cost?

A. Certificate of Insurance (if required) will be submitted to your building before the move. $40 charge per certificate /per property will apply.

Q. My building that I am moving out of does not require notice of insurance. Do I still need to have the paperwork filled out/pay $40 fee?

A. No, there is no fee as long as a Certificate of Insurance is not required.

Q. Are you able to breakdown and reassemble furniture during the move?

A. Yes, our disassembly and reassembly service is free.

Q. Compared to other companies, you have competitive hourly rate, however, the other moving companies offer many free amenities, including wardrobe and TV boxes.

A. Companies who offer free boxes often regain their profit by charging you for something else. Nevertheless, ask our sales representative about any available deals on boxes and packing material.

Q. Are the boxes you use new?

A. Yes, we use new boxes only.

Q. How much fits in wardrobe boxes?

A. Wardrobe boxes are ether 18” or 24″ wide.

Q. Is it cool to leave clothes in drawers while moving dresser?

A. No, all drawers must be empty.

Q. We have a number of poster-sized and one very large glass framed picture, but will probably just wrap reall well in blankets to protect them rather than purchasing bubble wrap/box. Do you think that will be okay?

A. It depends. Please ask our sales representative and follow his recommendations. You are not required to purchase the specialty wrapping for fragile items such as glass pictures, mirrors, TVs, etc. We can wrap them in blankets for no extra charge, but we will not be responsible for those items should damage occur. Our movers are extra careful with your stuff regardless, it’s more about to spend more and have it packed properly or take a chance and save.

Q. Do you need a deposit of any kind?

A. No, we don’t require deposits.

Q. Do you offer a discount if paying in cash? If not what credit cards do you accept?

A. Check with your sales person about discount on cash payments. We accept Visa or Master card.

Q. Is there a mandatory percentage for the tip?

A. Tips are not a mandatory, but expected. There is no mandatory percentage and people tip whatever they want or can.

Q. I have a few boxes/furniture that I would like to take to my girlfriends apt, which is another 10-15 min drive away from the storage place.

A. We don’t charge for making extra stops.

Q. My new place is under renovation and I can’t move in until possibly March 1st. Of course I need to be out of my place a day before. Do you have the ability to move me out on one day and move me in on the day after?

A. Yes, we’ll be able to move you out and in plus keep your belongings overnight. Overnight fee is $50.

Q. Does your price include any gas or meter costs?

A. There is no charge for gas or mileage on local moves. Cost of meter parking will be added to the bill.

Q. Finding parking right in front of my building will be difficult. You will probably have to double park or park by a fire hydrant. Will I be responsible if you get a parking ticket?

A. Yes, you will be responsible for paying the ticket. Another option is to park in a legitimate parking spot farther away from the building. Just be aware that the move will take longer the farther away we are parked.

Q. How does insurance work for the move? I assume is probably some general/limited coverage included, but is there an option for additional coverage, can you please let me know the cost for that?

A. Standard 30 cents per pound / per article for local or 60 cents per pound per article for interstate is included with each move automatically. For additional coverage and pricing you may refer to

Q. When do you collect the payment?

A. We usually collect full payment an hour before completion of the project.