Moving Boxes & Packing Services

BOXES AND PACKING on a spot (only if required)

Excellent Quality Movers NYC offer last minute packing solutions. No prior notification for bringing the boxes and packing supply is required. spot. Following price include the service, box and packing supply: 

  • Book (1.5 cu ft.) = $4
  • Small Linen (3.0 cu ft.) = $5
  • Large Linen (4.5 cu ft.) = $6
  • Kitchen (5.4 cu ft.) = $15
  • Wardrobe Box = $20

Delicate and Breakable Items (option A)
Following price include the service, box and packing supply:

  • 32” TV = $25
  • 36” TV = $30
  • 42” TV = $35
  • 46” TV = $40
  • 50” TV or larger = $45-$60
  • Glass partitions/mirrors/art: $25 for small, $35-$40 medium, or $50+ for large.

Delicate and Breakable Items (option B)
Basic protection with heavy duty moving pads is free of charge. This option is available, as long as you state on the contract that you won’t hold our company responsible for those items should damage occur.

CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE (only if required by the management)
Most Co-op, Condo and some rental properties require that the moving company is properly insured. Additional fee for each COI is $40. Processing and submission usually takes less than an hour.

INSURANCE: Basic liability coverage of 30 (for local) or 60 cents (for interstate) per pound, per article is automatically included. Additional coverage is optional and can be obtained through the third party of your choice, or through